Roller cones bits supplier IADC216 5 5/8 inches (143mm)

Brand Name:

Far Eastern



Model Number:


Minimum Order Quantity:

1 piece

Package Details:

Plywood Box

Delivery Time:

5-8 working days


High Speed Performance

Warranty Term:

3-5 years


Oil,Gas,Geothermy,Water well drilling,HDD ,Mining

Product Detail

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IADC417 12.25mm tricone bit

Product Description

drilling rig bit

Wholesale API steel tooth tricone rotary roller rock drill bit in stock based on the lowest quotation and excellent quality from China supplier
Bit Description:
IADC: 216 - Steel tooth sealed roller bearing bit with gauge protection for medium to medium hard formations with high compressive strength.
Compressive Strength:
0 - 35 MPA
0 - 5,000 PSI
Ground Description:
Very soft, unstratified, poorly compacted rocks such as poorly compacted clays and sandstones, marl limestones, salts, gypsum, and hard coals.
We can offer mill tooth and TCI tricone drill bits in a variety of sizes (from 3 ” to 26”) and most of IADC Codes.

According to cutting material,three cones bit can be divided into TCI bit and Milled Tooth Bit
Milled tooth tricone bit IADC216 is for very soft formation. Choose the proper rocks drilling bits is very important before starting project.
Rocks hardness could be soft , medium and hard or very hard, hardness of one type of rocks may be also a little different, for example, limestone, sandstone, shale has soft limestone, medium limestone and hard limestone, medium sandstone and hard sandstone , etc.
In drilling project, Far Eastern have 15 years and more than 30 countries services experience to supply the drill bits and advanced drilling soulutions for many different applications. The application including oil field,natural gas,geological exploration,driectional boring,mining ,water well drilling ,HDD, construction,and foundation.The various drill bits can be customized as per different rock formation becasue we have our own API & ISO certified factory of drill bits. We can give our engineer's solution when you can supply specific conditions, such as hardness of rocks,types of drilling rig,rotary speed,weight on bit and torque. It is also hlep us to find the siutable drill bits after you can tell us vertical well drilling or horizontal drilling ,oil well drilling or No-Dig drilling or foundation piling.

Steel tooth bits IADC216
IADC417 12.25mm tricone bit

Product Specification

Basical Specification

Size of Rock Bit

5 5/8"


Bit Type

Steel Tooth Tricone Bit/ Milled tooth Tricone Bit

Thread Connection



IADC 216

Bearing Type

Journal Sealed Roller Bearing

Bearing Seal

Rubber Seal

Heel Protection


Shirttail Protection


Circulation Type

Mud Circulation

Drilling Condition

Rotary drilling,high temp drilling,deep drilling,motor drilling


Central Jet Hole

Operating Parameters

WOB (Weight On Bit)

9,662-27,293 lbs





Soft to medium formations with high compressive strength, such as mudstone,gypsum,salt,soft limestone ,etc.

This type of steel teeth tricone bit has a central hole which is suitable for RC drilling( Reverse Circulation drilling).
IADC216 tricone bit could drill harder formations than IADC126, choosing the proper IADC according to hardness of rocks is the first step of high efficiency drilling.


Far Eastern Drilling devotes itself into rock drilling tools, including tricone bit, PDC bit, HDD hole opener, Foundation bucket roller cone bit, our aim is to lower the drilling cost per meter.


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